One of the most important connections in the wizarding universe we live in, and one of the most obvious, is Earth’s closest neighbor: the Moon. We can easily see the influence of the Moon on our planet and its inhabitants. For example, the Moon’s 28-day cycle affects the tides in the oceans; the highest tides usually occur during the full moon. It also affects climate, crop growth, animal and human fertility, according to the Farmers’ Almanac for two centuries, and how we feel and behave. More babies come to this world on a full moon than at other times of the month. Ask the police or hospital staff about the full moon, and they will tell you that on the full moon they see more crises, more crime, and more activity in general. No, a full moon won’t turn you into a werewolf, but it can bring out your wild side.

Astrologers associate the Moon with emotion, intuition and creativity – this is what witches rely on when they do magic. Therefore, if you want your spells to be more powerful and effective, pay attention to the cycles of the moon and learn how to harness lunar energy.

Connecting with the Moon

Since ancient times, the moon has fascinated earthlings. Poets, artists, musicians, lovers, astrologers, and magicians all find the moon juicy subject matter for study and inspiration.

“Evidence of Moon worship is found in such widely varied cultures as those of the Anasazi Indians of New Mexico, the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, pre-Columbian Peruvians, Burmese, Phoenicians, and Egyptians. In the Craft, when we refer to the great god by the Hebrew names El or Elohim, we borrow terms that entered Hebrew from Arabic, where the god name ‘Ilah’ derives from a word that means ‘moon.’”


Because the moon plays such an important role in magick—and in our lives—you might want to consider getting on closer terms with our planet’s satellite. In a practice known as “drawing down the moon,” a priestess goes into a trance and invites the goddess (or Divine Feminine energy) to enter her body. While the priestess is in the trance, the goddess speaks through her. Margot Adler wrote in depth about this in her book Drawing Down the Moon, but beginners can connect with lunar energy in simpler ways:

  • Go outside at night and observe the moon. Let its silvery light wash over you. How do you feel standing in the moonlight, under the dark bowl of the night sky? How is this different from how you feel in the daytime?
  • Follow the moon’s passage through the heavens, from new to full and back to new again. Pay attention to how you feel during different phases of the moon. Many people feel more energized during the full moon and less vital during the last three days before the new moon.
  • The moon moves into a different sign of the zodiac approximately every two and a half days. You might notice that your moods and feelings change every time the moon passes through a different astrological sign—you may feel more impulsive when the moon is in Aries, more sensitive when it’s in Cancer, for instance.

he Moon and Magick

You’re more likely to reap the rewards you desire if you do magick during favorable phases of the moon. When casting spells, pay particular attention to the new moon, full moon, the waxing and waning phases. Each has its own unique energy that can add to the power of your spells:

  • The new moon, as you might expect, encourages beginnings. Are you looking for a new job? A new romance? A new home? The best time to start anything is during the new moon. As the moon grows in light (and seemingly in size), your undertaking will grow too.
  • The waxing moon—the two weeks after the new moon and leading up to the full moon—supports growth and expansion. Do you want to boost your income? Turn up the heat in a relationship? Get a promotion at work? Cast your spell while the moon’s light is increasing to generate growth in your worldly affairs.
  • The full moon marks a time of culmination. It allows you to start seeing the results of whatever you began on the new moon. Want to bring a project to a successful conclusion? Receive rewards, recognition, or payments that are due to you? Do a spell while the moon is full for best results. The full moon’s bright glow can also put you in the spotlight or shed light on murky issues. If your goal is to attract attention—from a lover, boss, or the public—the full moon helps illuminate you favorably. The full moon can also shine light on secrets and deception to let you get to the truth of a shady situation.
  • The waning moon—the two weeks after the full moon and before the new moon—encourages decrease. Do you want to lose weight? End a bad relationship? Cut your expenses? Cast your spell while the moon is diminishing in light (and size) to diminish the impact of something in your life.

When two new moons occur in the same month, the second one is called the black moon. It is considerably more powerful than a regular new moon, so any seeding spells you do under a black moon might manifest more quickly. When two full moons occur in the same month, the second is dubbed a blue moon. During the blue moon, you may find you get bigger or better results than on an ordinary full moon, or that you experience a lot more activity or vitality.