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Learning Tarot, Tarot Cards for Beginners

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The perfect deck of tarot cards for you and your friends who want to learn tarot as beginners.
I have been practicing reading Tarot for more than 18 years. Although I am thinking of the tarot pictures, someday, I will still need a quick explanation. I used a classical Tarot deck that Pamela Colman Smith originally illustrated in 1909 by direction Rider Waite. I collected all necessary upright and reversed meanings, elements on the background of each card, astrological correspondence with symbols for planets and zodiac symbols, and chakras posted by logos and colors. This Learning Tarot card is a unique deck for any level practitioner.

This deck includes:
– 78-card full classic tarot deck, including the 22 major and 56 minor arcana, each aged to perfection;
– Keywords, zodiac, chakra, planet, yes/no and numerology on each card;
– Each major arcana includes affirmation;
– Each major arcana includes a unique backstage picture of nature responded on meaning cards

The size of the cards is the traditional tarot size: 2.75″ x 4.75″ (70 mm x 120 mm).


  • Weight 0.66 lb(s)
  • ISBN 979-8404646016
  • Size 2.25″ x 4.75″
  • Language EN
  • Paper: 400 GSM
  • Author Nataliia V.
  • Artist Illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith ; Recolored by Nataliia V.
  • All rights reserved March 8, 2022

We listen to our customers. All mistakes are fixed, the paper quality improved, backside improved; we added titles for each minor card, a chart with the planet, zodiac, and chakra meaning added.

Discover the only guide you’ll ever need to unlock the power of the tarot cards deck to help you decipher the present moment and take your tarot card reading skills to the next level! If you’ve ever wanted to become proficient at using the tarot deck, but have no idea where to begin, if you have nagging questions about what current events might mean for you, then this guide is just what you need. Learning Tarot deck by Witchy Cauldron gets rid of the fluff and shows you how you can get started mastering the tarot deck. This deck has everything you need to accelerate personal growth and self-awareness, from forming a powerful connection with your tarot learning process to completely understanding the various tarot spreads. These tarot cards with meanings on them have everything you need to accelerate personal growth and self-awareness.

What’s symbols in the cards

  • Reversed keywords

    Both novice and experienced Tarot readers face difficulties in understanding reversed cards. This deck provides a quick keyword list that allows readers to quickly interpret reversed cards, increasing confidence and expanding their card associations.

  • Visual

    The picture of the classical Rider Waite Tarot follows the archetypal images created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

  • Keywords

    Learn what each card of the tarot deck means—the major arcana, the minor arcana.

  • Major Arcanas Affirmation

    Help you understand it and connect with it.

  • Numerology

    Although numbers are not the main focus in tarot readings, they can add a dimension to the reading. Take a look at the numbers in your reading to see if there are any patterns. What numbers are most prominent? Do you see a lot more twos or eights? Multiples of the same number could indicate that you need to address a specific aspect of your life or that the same issue is taking on different forms.

  • Chakras

    The Chakra symbols are interactive tools that assist users in aligning their chakras and helping them gain healing, insight and empowerment.

  • Planets

    The astrology correspondences to the Planets. These planet correspondences are applicable to Tarot Cards, Palmistry and Divination.

  • Zodiacs

    learn what tarot cards represent and which zodiac signs

22 Major Arcana

All symbols that you may need:

  • Numerology
  • Chakras
  • Planets
  • Zodiacs
  • Yes or No
  • Affirmation

The background is linked to elements
Each major Arcana has a different background; it makes learning essential elements: air, fire, water, and earth easier. Witchy Cauldron included nature meaning beautiful pictures in each background.

Each card has:
The picture
– of the classical Rider Waite Tarot follows the archetypal images created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

-It has both reversed and divinatory interpretations printed on every card. It makes it ideal for beginners. You don’t need to lose your concentration or distract yourself from the moment.

The Minor Arcana

– The picture of the classical Rider Waite Tarot follows the archetypal images created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909 under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite.

Right corner:

a brief introduction to what each card represents.

4 elements linked to each suit

The minor Arcana of the Tarot is made up of four suits each, each with its elemental correspondences. These elemental associations can help you get a general idea about the minor arcana cards and also give you examples of how these elements might appear in your everyday life. The elements can be used to help you see the main themes of your reading.