Spell Bottles

Spell Bottles

A spell bottle is a collection of items with similar energy, brought together in one place for a specific purpose. Also called witch bottles, they’re generally used for protection, but you can choose whatever theme you like. The bottle can be as temporary or permanent as you require. If permanent, you may wish to make it as attractive as 

possible in order to facilitate display on your shrine or the room it’s designed to work in. You can even paint it a solid color or paint abstract designs on it.

The basic technique for spell bottles is simple. In a jar or bottle of any size appropriate to your purpose, add:

 Herbs that support your goal

• Stones that support your goal

• Coins

• Symbols (small figures made of clay or drawn on paper)

• Writing on paper (rolled up and tied with silk or cotton thread of an appropriate color)

Close the lid firmly, seal it with wax, if you wish, dripped from a candle. If you intend to keep the bottle in your home, decorate the bottle as you desire with decoupage, collage, painted symbols on the outside (runes, spiritual symbols, seals, or whatever you choose). You can varnish the bottle afterward to seal your art.

Some older recipes for spell bottles include pouring a liquid such as water or oil (for blessing or protective bottles), vinegar, or even urine into the bottle (usually for banishing bottles). This is not recommended if you’re going to use the bottle inside or for display.

Spell Bottle Variation

If the spell bottle is to be permanent or a protective or enhancing talisman of some kind, try this variation.

1. In a craft store, look for clear glass ornaments. These are usually round and sold before Christmas. The metal caps slip off. Paint the globe first; it is very delicate, and if it breaks, you won’t have lost all the careful work of filling it with your ingredients.

2. Take the cap off and fill the glass globe with your chosen ingredients. As the opening is so very small, you’ll have to grind your herbs, use small chips of stones, and add very small scrolls of paper if you use them. The glass is very thin and fragile, so be careful. Use a funnel if you like or make one of a rolled-up piece of paper.

3. Seal the cap on this version of a spell bottle with a drop or two of glue to avoid the cap slipping off and the globe falling. Do not overfill the globe, or it will be too heavy.

These make lovely things to hang in windows and to give as gifts. They are especially suited to charms and talismans for abundance, peace, happiness, and health.

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