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Tarot Divination Table Cloth for Reading Celtic Cross(Blue)

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Color: Blue
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Dual-Sided Luxury: Our tarot table cloth boasts dual-sided versatility, measuring a generous 27 x 27 inches. One side features sumptuous velvet adorned with a captivating Celtic Cross pattern, while the other side offers sleek satin elegance. Whether you prefer the tactile richness of velvet or the smooth touch of satin, this cloth caters to your preferences.
Enhanced Tarot Readings: The meticulously detailed Celtic Cross pattern on the velvet side sets the stage for profound tarot card spreads. Dive into the symbolism and mystique of the Celtic Cross as you conduct readings with precision. This cloth is designed to accommodate any tarot props you may use, ensuring an immersive and insightful experience.
Versatile Spiritual Companion: Beyond tarot readings, our Witchy Cauldron Table Cloth serves as a sacred altar companion. Transform any space into a spiritual haven by draping it over your reading table or recipient's table. Create a sacred atmosphere that enhances your connection with the divine.
Diverse Textures for Every Occasion: This cloth caters to different reading scenarios. The Celtic Cross pattern on the velvet side is perfect for self-readings or sessions with fellow practitioners, immersing you in the world of tarot. Alternatively, the plain black satin side offers a discreet and elegant option for a more private reading experience.
Aesthetic Altar Addition: Enhance the aesthetics of your spiritual space with this rich black velvet cloth. Whether you're covering your altar or using it as an astrology tapestry, its Celtic Cross pattern adds an enchanting touch to your decor. Elevate your altar's visual appeal and make it a focal point of your sacred space.