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Witchy Cauldron Lepus Tarot (Special Edition)

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Tarot cards with guide book illustrated by author A.Chernobai based on the instructions on the Pictorial Key to the Tarot by A.E. Waite (1910). Latin Lepus, the Hare, refers to the leporids, the genus Leporidae consisting of hares. Hare symbolizes the Earth because it is so close to the Earth and partly lives on the Earth itself. The Hare here on the earthly plane feels good, but he is also an Adept who is comfortable in the Underworld of underground tunnels and dark passages. His acute perception makes him sensitive to vibrations and energies that we often cannot understand. In the Underworld, this sensitivity is even more pronounced. Symbolically, are in Underworld personifies the use of his intuition: the ability to move “in the dark” and the convenience of traveling through “unmarked territory.” By default, it can also mean having or developing trust in the “Inner Light”. The Hare does not need an external light source. Your connection to Collective Energy supports your path