Witchy Cauldron Tarot Divination Table Cloth for Reading and Altar Cloth Moon Alter, Cloth Witchy Embroidery Velvet Silk Touch Satin Celtic Cross


The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is one of the most commonly used spreads by Tarot readers, our velvet altar Cloth created by Witchy Cauldron will help to make things easy. Here’s your standard Celtic Cross layout. Luxurious short velvet feels plush against your skin and cards and is the perfect texture to make sure your cards don’t move. The pattern is Embroidery, so it is easy to cold wash and it makes cloth durability The main pattern is The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, but you can also use it for 3rd spread, or any other reading, as well. You’d love this velvet feel! 27 x 27” velvet altar cloth made by Witchy Cauldron, creates insightful tarot spreads and oracle spreads on this small tapestry. Alter cloth will accent your witchy decor, metaphysical decor, and Wiccan altar. Witchy Cauldron Tarot cloth for reading has 10 card placements for unlimited tarot spreads for your tarot and oracle cards. These tarot cloths unlock your limitless potential for your altar kit accessories into your readings. It is the best gift ever!

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