Witchy Cauldron Tarot Box with Slide Top | Birch Wood tarot stand / holder


Have you ever considered using a tarot card box to store your favorite or treasured decks? Tarot card boxes can be excellent solutions for keeping your cards clean and dry when not in use. We’ve used storage bins to store our cards in the past, but using a decorated box makes our decks feel more like treasured objects. The cut-outs on the cover are so elegant and is a wonderful option to home your tarot cards or special keepsakes Supplied without cards. Tarot box with a slot for the card is built to keep your favorite tarot deck and to display the card of the day to refer back to its guidance during the day. – Size and features- The box is designed and built with natural birch plywood to fit regular size tarot cards. Handmade in the United States! Condition: New, handmade item Material: birch plywood Dimensions: Approx. 6 in x 4 in x 2 in (exterior) Interior dimensions: 5.18 in x 3.18 in x1.4 in (interior)

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