Tarot Set: Tarot Cards Rider Waite Pamela Smith Bundle and Divination Table Cloth




The best GIFT Tarot Set   for your Special Person (or for yourself).

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The Original Tarot Deck, created by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite in 1909, now enhanced and reprinted for an even more captivating Tarot journey.
Tarot Cards Rider Waite Pamela Smith Bundle and Tarot Wrap from Witchy Cauldron! This exceptional bundle offers a multitude of benefits, including accelerating personal growth, effortlessly visualizing the archetypal images of the cards, and quickly grasping their meanings with clear keywords and reversed interpretations.

Two sides alter cloth 27 x 27” Velvet and Satin
The velvet side has The Celtic Cross pattern, which has a huge variation: 3 cards, 5 cards, traditional Spread
The silk feels side is made of high-quality satin. You will love how it’s felt!
This is the best quality tarot table cloth in the current market. We high guarantee quality
The pattern is embroidery, which makes it easy to clean any time

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