Lepus Tarot Cards with Red Wrap | Tarot Cards for Beginners


The Learning Tarot Cards Bundle with Tarot Wrap is the perfect kit for anyone looking to dive into the world of Tarot reading.

The Lepus Tarot is a stunningly beautiful, unique and highly-intuitive tarot deck. The artwork on the cards is so powerful that it will help you to connect with your intuition in an incredibly deep way.

With stunning artwork and symbols that resonate on a visceral level, these tarot cards offer you guidance, reflection, and insight. The blue-edged cards are foil stamped for beauty and durability and come in a keepsake box.

A special gift for the Tarot lover in your life.
The Lepus Tarot is a stunningly beautiful deck of 78 cards. It has been designed to be user-friendly and contains no nudity or inappropriate imagery. The card images are based on the Artur Waite tradition but have been updated to reflect modern society and values. Each card has an accompanying description page that explains what it means in a way that is relevant to a person living in today’s world. This makes the deck ideal for beginners as well as experienced tarot readers who enjoy working with decks that contain more recent imagery.

This velvet& satin tarot wrap doubles as a tarot cloth and tarot deck storage. It’s perfect for the on-the-go reader who needs to keep their deck safe while reading and not reading.

-It fits for regular tarot deck: 13cm/5.2″*7cm/2.75′
– Includes 3 printed Tarot spread for reading

The size of this wrap is 32.5 cm long, 13.5cm wide and the pocket is 7 cm deep.


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